The reason behind the black rose is very personal, so I won’t go to deep into that, but all I can say is that it has to do with family. The meaning of the black rose:

Black has often been synonymous with death and mourning and is usually used at funerals. But black roses do have a more positive meaning as well. They can stand for the beginning of new things and major change”.

The black rose has two sides and for me it means turning negative energy into positive. That negative energy can be the reason for a positive outcome. And that no matter what happens, there is always hope.The meaning is somewhat very dark, but remember there would be no light without the darkness. This is the message I want to put out and incorporate into my art and creative thoughts so I can inspire others.

I wrote the following poem:

Sometimes we get emotional,
when we can find out where we’re supposed to go.
When the people we love most,
leave us and turn to ghosts.
For all the risks in life we wanted to take,
but we didn’t because the first step was too hard to make.


When Evil inside us wants the body to stay,
the mind wants us to go the other way.
We always have a choice, so don’t listen to the devil his voice.
Because life is not always what is seems, so walk the path that leads to your dreams.
Because that thorn that ones made us bleed,
at the same time watered a seed.
For every Black Rose a teardrop is made, and a teardrop will fade,
From that strength grows,
A beautiful thriving rose.

-Black Rose

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