Not just Black Lives matter, all lives matter. Because, We are all the same. 

As a young black male, growing up in a white family and hanging out with very different friendsI have never judged anyone based on their skin color 

Unfortunately, I do sometimes even feel judged by my skin toneMy ancestors fought for equality by speaking up, my dad fought for equality by making music and I fight for equality by making my art. 

The background is painted in green and blue which represents the earth we walk on daily. 

I painted all different genders, roots, unique features into one person and connected them to one heart. Because from the inside we are all the same, it doesn’t matter if you are born male or female, if you are black or white, have tattoos or our religious persuasion. 

We all have beating hearts and we all want one thing in life and that is love. Some get it easier than others, some fight for it, others find it through their religion. But one thing is sure, we all want to give love and receive it. 

So we may all look differentbut we are not. 

Hope this inspires anyone. We need to keep fighting for equality, because all lives matter.  

I pray that one day we can all live in peach together, we are all one, one love. 

 – Black Rose 

We are all one Photo

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