Most frequent questions and answers

We want to create the art that our customers want, however, the artist will stick to his style and theme of the brand. We don’t do family portraits, landscapes or any flowers except roses. 

All items will be hand painted with special paint. All cotton garments will be done with textile paint and can be washed up to 30 degrees. However, we do recommend handwashed on a low temperature. Leather items must not be washed. 

You pay the jacket + custom art upfront on our online store. The artist will then customize your garment within 14 business days. 

If it’s personalized, no. Ones the artist started customizing the items you ordered, we cannot refund the money, we cannot resell personal custom art. All other custom art can be refunded. 

Refunds will be processed within 48 hours after receiving the returned package. 

This depends where the order is shipped to, countries outside Europe will have a higher shipping cost. 

VAT is Value Added Tax, which are the taxes paid on top of the value from the sale of products or services. All VAT inside and outside Europe is included in the price of the product. Countries outside Europa may pay additional import duties. 

Custom Art 

The delivery time depends on how big the project is and the artist his schedule. Below you’ll find the time the artist needs to complete MOST projects, this will vary. Custom Jackets take 5 up to 14 days to complete. 


From the moment we process your order, it will take us 48 hours to ship. Estimated delivery time will be 3-4 business days for shipments within Europe. For the United States and Canada, the delivery time will be 15 business days.

Contact us as soon as possible, we might be able to adjust the order before it’s dispatched from our warehouse.  

A shipping confirmation email with tracking number will be sent to you as soon as we dispatch your other. You can follow your order through this link. 

You may cancel or change your order before it is dispatched. If the order is dispatched, you can refuse the order at the point of delivery or send it back using our return instructions. 

Black roses does not guarantee that all items shown are in stock at the time your order is placed. If the item is not available for whatever reason, we will get in touch with you by email. However we do our best to display all our products as accurate as possible. 

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