Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a great milestone I achieved.

As some of you know I have been a big Chris Brown fan from the start. His music, his art, his creativity has inspired me for years and always will, a true role model.

This has inspired me to make a canvas that puts all my years of inspiration into a visual masterpiece. Whenever I would listen to his music to me it feels like a symphonic rollercoaster. With that idea in mind I started painting…

“The Breezy Rollercoaster” (120 x 100 cm).

If you look at this painting you see Chris performing, his vocals travel down the mic and flow into the rollercoaster. If you take a closer look you can see there are multiple details, which all of them have to do with this R&B legend. The music is what we hear, but inside the music we experience the life of Breezy.

After working on this painting for over a week, I post it on Instagram… 4 minutes in, I see Chris liked it! I felt truly humbled that he has seen my art and gave it a like. It’s like he’s saying: Good job Q, this is dope.

But it get’s better…

The day after all of a sudden my phone blew up. When I check I saw Chris reposted my canvas on HIS FEED! I could not believe it!

To get this amount recognition and love of someone I have looked up to sinds I was a kid is totally crazy.

The funny thing is, I put this milestone on my vision board just a month ago. I knew one day it would happen, If you really believe in something and aim for it, your wish will be granted. The universe is always listening…

Check out the canvas and details shots on our feed on Instagram!


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